7 CSGO Blast Premier World Final Moments (We Think Are Neat!) ft. s1mple, Niko and more!

Aces. Clutch bomb defenses. Click-on-head round wins. And of course, s1mple being a CS:GO highlight machine.

It’s all here in this weeks 7 moments we think are neat. This time we’re looking at the last big event of 2021 for Counter-Strike, the Blast Premier: World Final. S1mple took home another MVP trophy, NAVI took home another win, and Stewie2k trash talked a little bit after his team was aced. It was pretty funny.

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00:00 — Intro
00:11 — Stewie has some words
00:38 — Blame has some patience
1:18 — Niko is calm and collected
1:48 — It’s never unwinnable for Navi
2:19 — The acrobatics are off the charts
2:41 — s1mple is a lead farmer
3:05 –Navi secures a dynasty

Written, Edited and Narrated by Max Tompkins (@kegshouts)
Produced by Darin Kwilinski (@darink) and Jordan Epstein

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