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Today we talk about some interesting developments for the csgo investing market. This includes some important information that needs to be said regarding my position. We talk about Valve’s latest updates, CS2 Updates, Any new csgo investing or CS2 investing information, operations, Paris sales, and what is next! Valve’s newest update and why it could be terrible for investors.

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Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Today we talk about the CSGO Market. There is a lot of speculation on what is good investments and what is not, and this is the best place to come to for the newest investments. These are very low risk, but decent reward investments. I hope you will like and Subscribe. Leave me a comment on what you think about the different investments and their potential. This is not investment advice and I am obviously not a financial advisor.

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Agents: (0:00)
Stockholm/Antwerp Capsules: (1:07)
Hidden Gems: (1:57)
Paris Capsules: (2:47)
Major Stickers: (3:43)
Operation items: (4:22)
Rare Cases: (4:57)
Major Autograph: (5:42)
Operation Skins: (6:11)
Active Cases: (6:51)
Playskins: (7:28)

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