What is CS: GO?

One of The Pioneers, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

The gaming market is populated with tons of newly released first-person shooter games, but Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or CS: GO, is probably one of the oldest games that is still a great hit to many gamers. It started out as a local PC game more than a decade ago, but now, CS: GO online is being played by millions of players worldwide. The previous version of CS: GO online is probably one of the first of its kind, and the gameplay didn’t change much ever since. Though there are new maps on CS: GO online with which you can play with other people, the old maps can still be used and are still very famous among gamers. CS: GO is second only to DotA 2 in terms of the number of players, and is ranked 2nd on the amount of online registered players when it was first released. However, this is where the difference ends and there is no sense in comparing the two. The games are from completely different genres. CS: GO is a first-person shooter game, whereas DotA 2 is a MOBA. In short, CS: GO, in terms of the number of players, is still number 1 of its kind.

CS:GO Graphic Valve
Showing several different maps from CS:GO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive System Requirements

While the visual graphics of CS: GO are indeed extravagant, it cannot be considered the best. There are a lot of CS: GO videos that you can watch online if you want to look at the graphics before trying the game. Overall, being able to play in at least 30 fps is great enough to enjoy the game. CS: GO is a fast-paced game just like any other FPS games. You will develop faster reflexes, and your mental alertness will also greatly improve while playing this game. With that, you will have to make sure that you have an internet connection that is, let’s say, faster than your reflexes. A ping of below 100 is required with no packet loss. To start playing, all you need is to have a PC/Laptop that could at least pass the minimum system requirements that is displayed below, and to have a Steam account since this is where you’re going to download the game.

Some tips for a lower spec computer

CS: GO Computer Tips
While minimum specs are recommended, you can check out some tips to improve gameplay

OS: Windows10/Win8/Win7/Vista/XP

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 processor or better

Memory: 2GB+ recommended

Hard Disk Space: At least 7.6GB of Space

Video Card: Video card must be 256 MB or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible with support for Pixel Shader 3.0

CS: GO Gameplay and Some CS: GO Videos

CS: GO is an FPS game, but the game doesn’t revolve around shooting and killing the enemy team alone. There are different game modes that will add flavor to the game. For example, the terrorist team can either plant a bomb and detonate it, or prevent the hostages from being rescued as other ways of winning the game. The counter-terrorist team, on the other hand, must defuse the bomb or rescue the hostages for them to win. Your team can also develop other strategies in winning the game, such as luring the enemies, or to ambush them when they least expect it. Overall, this game is like a simulation of a real-life counter-terrorism scenario. So, if you’re into this type of genre then this game is probably the right one for you. Below are some videos that you probably don’t want to miss before starting to play the game. There are a lot of other videos as well that could teach you some basic skills and strategies to win the game, so make sure that you check these CS: GO videos out.

CSGO Gameplay & Strategy Tips
There are plenty of CS:GO gameplay tip videos on here





Counter Strike: Global Offensive Features and Competitive Scenes

One of the reasons why CS: GO has a huge number of players is that the game hosts a lot of tournaments worldwide, wherein you can win huge cash prizes and in-game items. Though CS: GO can be a little bit pay-to-win because of VIP subscriptions, it is still not that much and it is still worthy enough to host competitive scenes like tournaments. There are a lot of inspiring CS: GO videos hosted by professionals that you can watch online, though an average player who can post some CS: GO gameplay videos for newbies are still very helpful. Another great feature of CS: GO are the skins. Skins can provide a more interesting game, since it customizes your guns and other equipment with different designs and color. Below are some examples of images and videos with CS: GO skins.

CS:GO has thousands of skins for all weapons
A very cool looking customized Sniper Rifle

Some CS: GO Issues That You Need to Know

It’s a fact that there are no perfect games. Just like any other games, hackers did try to hack the game for their own benefits. Sadly, there are hacks in CS: GO that lets you cheat in the game. There are various CS: GO videos that you can watch online pertaining these malicious activities. Though hacks are rare, there are a number of people who are complaining about hacks that are being used by other players. There is, however, an anti-hack system (Valve Anti-Cheat, or VAC for short) being constantly improved by Valve to prevent cheating in the game, but there are still cases of cheating reported every day. This sparks some controversies concerning the CS: GO records of some players. CS: GO records are vital in knowing where you stand in game, as it calibrates your performance for future matchmaking. These cheats can get better CS: GO records and may drop you down the rankings. This may sound unfair to some, but the chances of this occurring are very rare since Valve usually detects this malicious act before the damages become more serious to handle. As a conclusion, the game is still very good to play despite some little issues such as hacks in game.

CS GO hacker vs hacker
CS: GO hacker vs hacker set up